Formula 1- Red Bull vs. Mercedes

Starting this season all eyes were on Redbull Racing and Max Verstappen. Everyone was curious about if Redbull can win the constructors championship and if Max can win the title this year. During winter testings Redbull Racing car seemed more reliable than Mercedes. It seemed like Mercedes were struggling with car balance and controlling it. Even Mercedes claimed Redbull’s car is faster and more reliable but Redbull never accepted that. Both teams were saying the other teams’s car was faster.

Moving on to the first race, Bahrain, Max was leading all practice sessions and he got the pole on qualifying. His teammate, Sergio Perez, eliminated in Q2, Mercedes was P2 and P3. Everyone was curious about race paces of both teams.

Last laps were too exciting because we got to see the battle between two strong drivers, two championship favourites. Lewis won the race and Max finished P2. After this race everyone was sure this season the battle between these two drivers and two constructors was going to be intense. Both teams were strong, Mercedes wants to win the constructors championship for the 8th time in a row and Redbull Racing wants to win this championship which they had not won since 2013.

Moving on to Monaco, where everything changed. Lewis was leading the championship 14 points ahead of Max. And Mercedes was the leader of the constructors championship. After the race there were new leaders, Max was leading the drivers championship 4 points ahead of Lewis and Redbull was leading the constructors championship. This was a surprise for everyone, for the first time in his career Max Verstappen was leading the championship and after a long time Mercedes wasn’t leading the championship.

Baku was also a surprise for everyone cuz Max’s tyre blew up and he was out of the race. And Lewis was P2 after Max is out of the race. There was no doubt he would fight for P1 when the race continues. But due to a car problem he missed the first corner and he finished the race P15. So the leader was still Max. Valtteri finished the race P12, so Mercedes lost so many points against Redbull Racing. On the other hand Sergio Perez won the race and this was his first podium with Redbull and also his first win. This was a great achievement for this experienced and talented driver. Many people criticize his performance starting of this season but he showed everyone who he really is.

Redbull Racing started this season really strong. They’re getting points fromboth cars, they’re challenging Mercedes with both drivers and this creates a great battle that is exciting to watch. There is no doubt we’ll watch these title fight all season with great pleasure.

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